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is a Minneapolis based manufacturers rep agency serving the gift industry in the Upper Midwest. Over three decades ago, when I set out to build our rep agency, I knew that we needed a foundation consisting of stable relationships with manufacturers, salespeople and retailers.

  • Markwest has represented its top 12 lines for an average of 13 years - one of these manufacturers, I've represented since our inception in 1973.

  • Our team consists of 10 sales reps who average 13 years with Markwest - one rep has been with me for 28 years.

  • We have long term relationships with our customers. The first two accounts that I called on in 1973, are still loyal customers and remain friends today.

Our success comes from servicing both independent retailers and key accounts. Our 5,000 sq. foot showroom at the Minneapolis Gift Mart is one of the largest and most prominent, yet we do 95% of our business on the road with our customers.

So take a moment to discover Markwest! I'm sure you will like what you find!

Don Haberman President


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